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Roadmap #4: Philosophical Problem-Solving

Wow, onto our fourth major section. I didn’t think I’d still be writing these after this many months 🙂

Having started with some really foundational philosophy, covering systems theory, and then touching on practical human behaviour, our fourth section is a return to philosophy in a much more practical way. We’ve finally built enough of a foundation that we can actually put it to use, so we’re going to do just that in order to knock down well-known philosophy problems one after another.

I’ve included one level of sub-topics in this roadmap because I’m not sure at this point how much I’ll fit into each post, whether I’ll end up doing one post per approach (potentially dealing with several problems at once) or one post per problem, spreading the same approach across multiple posts.

    • Problems of Abstraction

      • Material Constitution

      • Problem of Many

    • Problems of Social Negotiation

      • Linguistics

      • Identity

    • Problems of Speculation

      • Classic Metaphysics

      • Free Will

    • The Existence of God

      • The Many Faces of God

      • Axiom vs Derivation

      • Occam’s Razor Redux

      • The Religious Meme

      • Absence of Evidence, Russel’s Teapot

    • Right and Wrong

      • Absolute vs Relative, Axiom vs Derivation

      • Occam’s Razor, Again

      • Cultural Differences

      • Social Negotiation, Memetics and Moral Evolution

    • The Meaning of Life

      • Absolute vs Relative, Axiom vs Derivation

      • Despair and Wonder

      • Truth and Beauty

      • The Unimportance of Truth

      • Tilting at Windmills

      • Enjoying the Salad

    • Aesthetics

I’m going to love this section. Allons-y!


Roadmap #3: Practical Worldbuilding

Alright, well we’ve now got a solid philosophical base to build on. We’ve also covered the basics of systems theory, which you should expect to basically keep popping up in unexpected places as we continue.

Our next series of topics will be a grab bag of different ideas; some scientific, some mathematical. This is where we can start applying our base to examine actual interesting questions (like the nature of consciousness) and come to some fascinating conclusions. I’ve called this section “Practical Worldbuilding” because it constructs the world at a more practical level than we’ve looked at before, but really a lot of the topics involve human behaviour in one way or another. The topics I plan to touch on include:

  • Genes, Reproduction, and Mendelian Inheritance
  • Random Variation and Natural Selection
  • Stable Strategies, Lethal Genes, and Time Bombs
  • Diversity, Competition, and Change
  • The Selfish Gene
  • The Nature of the Brain
  • The Nature of the Mind
  • Matching Patterns
  • Layers of Abstractions
  • Culture, Memetics, and Lamarkian Inheritance
  • Speedy Variation and Double Pressure
  • Reapplications of Genetic Principles
  • Social Negotiation
  • Game Theory
  • Statistics and Decision-Making
  • Homo Economicus
  • Conflict and Cooperation

As you can see, lots to cover. Allons-y!

Roadmap #2: Systems Theory

We have now reached the last topic I want to touch on in what I consider the foundation-laying section of this project: systems theory. Systems theory is an approximate term I use for a single, particularly useful abstraction which seems to show up basically everywhere. It is entirely independent of this systems theory, although on a quick skim they might share certain characteristics.

Systems theory was the very last element of my first roadmap, but having made it this far and looking at the material I want to cover on it, it deserves a roadmap of its own. So, over the next couple of weeks I will talk about:

  • Systems, Properties, Elements & Rules
  • Determinism and Randomness
  • Closure and Subsystems
  • Patterns, Abstractions, and Emergence
  • Information Theory and Representation
  • Modelling and Compression
  • Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem
  • Reality as a System


Welcome and First Roadmap

Hello, and welcome to Grand Unified Crazy! After taking a few philosophy courses, I started developing a grand unified theory of everything, like any serious crazy person would do. It got kinda complicated. If you’re not into philosophy don’t worry; it’s a theory of *everything*, so you’ll find some biology, history, anthropology, linguistics and all sorts of other random stuff in here too.

The first few posts (or few-dozen posts, I have no idea how long it will take) are going to be philosophy-related  though. You gotta start somewhere. Everything is subject to change, of course, but my roadmap for the first few posts currently looks something like this:

  • Doubt and Nihlism
  • Circularity and Axioms
  • Occam’s Razor
  • Existence, Self, Causality, Senses, Memory, Rationality
  • Empiricism
  • Rationalism
  • The Scientific Method
  • Absolute and Relative Truth
  • Systems Theory

This should lay a decent philosophical foundation to build everything else on top of. Allons-y!