For New Readers

(If you haven’t already read my About page, read that first!)

For new readers my writing style can be a bit tough to dive into. I tend to refer back to previous posts assuming you’ve read them, and frequently forget to actually link to said posts.

I realize this can be a bit daunting, and I will make an effort to put in appropriate inter-post links where I can. I’m also going to maintain this page for those of you who want a quick way to get up to speed.


The primary thing you should check out are my roadmaps (which can also be accessed by clicking on the “Roadmap” category in the sidebar). Whenever I’m about to start a new batch of related ideas I try to post a roadmap giving an idea of where I’m heading. They’re a great way to get a summary of what topics I’ve covered or plan on covering.

Otherwise the best I can suggest is that you go back and read through the archives in order. I tend to write fairly linearly, so there isn’t a good “start here” point that won’t leave you feeling rather confused.


I have also collected a category of more stand-alone style essays which you can access here. They usually don’t need as much context, but they also tend to be more experimental: not as well thought out, and less likely to reflect my real point of view. I tend to use them more for exploring interesting ideas than anything else.

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